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Deborah Leuchter Stueber

A Love for Story for the Ages!

Thursday, February, 15th @ 6:30 p.m.

Join us at the Hampton Community Center to hear Deborah Leuchter Stueber recall her parents’ harrowing story of love and resilience during the Holocaust.

Deborah is a volunteer at the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh in their Generations Speakers Series. She has spoken over fifty times at churches, schools, and libraries, sharing the tumultuous events that her parents endured: from surviving the Holocaust, to battling Nazis in the French Resistance, and finally to making a new life in the United States. Deborah continues her quest to educate others about the Holocaust and its relevant place in today’s world.  Deborah’s presentation will be accompanied by a thirty-minute power point slideshow and a virtual Q&A via zoom with her parents Edith and Kurt themselves. There is no fee to attend, as mere attendance helps to unlock grant funding for the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh. Presented for you by the Department of Community Services and the Hampton Community Library.


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