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Play K: Roar! Woof! Cheep!

Hi Friends,

Welcome to our third day of summertime Play K. I am so very glad you decided to join us:)

Our program is designed to provide opportunity for our young friends to practice some of the skills they will use when starting Kindergarten: read, write, listen, speak & most of all, PLAY!

It is our hope that children will find a comfortable space to engage in the program, one where they can easily move around & make a noisy mess. And since were are meeting in virtual space, we have divided the program into 3 sections so that children do not have to sit captive for 30+ minutes---feel free to stop the video for a snacks, bathroom breaks or work on one of the independent activities...then come back when ready. So turn on your brain-bulbs & let's get ready to play!

Today during Circle Time, we will sing the sing Bread & Butter, roll the trusty Rhyme Cube & make some noise with the Reading Chant!

Our special friend Ms. Kristin reads a book about Little Red and a baaaaad kitty.

Today during Journal Time , we will investigate the Mystery Box & discover the way wax resist painting works.

Sing fast & slow, high & low, then practice Belly Breathing during Movement Time today.

I hope to see you again tomorrow for more rumpity-bumpity fun!

Toodleloo, Kangaroos

"Play is the work of childhood"

Special thanks to our friends at Positive Steps Therapy for being a true community resource---we had so much fun collaborating to bring strategies, support & enrichment to families through this special session of Play K.

If you have not yet signed up for summer reading, visit the Allegheny County Summer Reading Program homepage to find a full calendar of engaging activities for the whole family!

Three cheers for Ms. Suzy from the Hampton Community Library for her dedication to find innovative ways to link the community with resources & programs while we practice social distancing.

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