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Internet Policy

The Hampton Community Library provides access to the Internet for all of its patrons. The Internet provides information in addition to that found in print and other resources. The government does not regulate the information, however, and some material found may be incorrect, outdated or personally offensive.

The Hampton Community Library assumes no responsibility for information found on the Internet. The user is responsible for selection of information and assumes all risk associated with such use. The Hampton Community Library does not endorse any material found on the Internet.

Parents are responsible for the information (including chat rooms) accessed by their children while using the Internet. All of our machines have been filtered. This is to safeguard against the accessing of explicit sexual materials, either through text, photos, movies, or sound, that is "harmful to minors" as defined in the Pennsylvania Obscenity Statute- 18 Pa. C.S. 5903. Anyone who is accessing such materials will be asked to close the website. Anyone who does not abide by our policies may be asked to leave the facility.

All patrons should be familiar with this Internet Policy before using the Internet Computers.



  • Access to the Internet may not be used for illegal purposes. This includes (but is not limited to) unauthorized access to systems, software, or data.

  • Any activity that would interfere with the work of others or with their ability to use facilities connected with the Internet is prohibited.

  • Privacy of other users must be respected. Accounts belonging to others may not be used without the owners' authorization. Users must not attempt to access, delete or edit files or mail belonging to others.

  • Abusive, threatening, obscene, or profane correspondence will not be tolerated. Chain letters of any kind are prohibited, as is any form of harassment of another person through email messages.

  • Use of the Internet for marketing, advertising, fund raising or other for-profit activities is prohibited.

  • Extensive use of the Internet for private or personal business is prohibited.


2023-2024 Annual Appeal

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