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Thank you to everyone who contributed to

our 2021-2022 Annual Appeal and

the Love Your Library Campaign! 

We are sincerely grateful to those who have kindly contributed gifts of support to the Hampton
Community Library’s 2021-2022 Annual Appeal. Thanks to your generosity, we are able to fulfill our
mission and serve our community. Thank you.

Every attempt has been made to ensure that this list is accurate and complete.

If you believe there is an error, please contact the library at 412-684-1098.

Click here to view a list of the contributors to the 2020-2021 campaign.

Click here to view the lists of contributors for previous years.

Nobel Prize   $500+

Emma R. Bionda
Frances and Roger Dice
Betty Dixon
Richard and Debra Efkeman
Melissa Gaskill
Steve and Judy Gifford
Andrew and Linda Halcoussis

Mike and Keri Hamberg
Lorraine and Meredith Hudock
Elizabeth Kairys
Glenn and Eileen Kidd
Daniel Petro and Suzanne Morrissey
Nancy Rumon

The Rust Foundation
Lissa Geiger Shulman and Josh Shulman

Tri County Management
Jack and Marian Wilson

Pulitzer Prize  $250-$499

Peter Carr and Jessica Preston
Jim and Jody Janovsky
Robert Krizner
Darren and Lisa Lamb
Joseph and Eleanor Lucas
Bryant Wesley and Leslie Kozler
Dennis McDunn
Harry and Katie Nagel

David and Theresa Aiken
Jeffrey and Ellen Bauman
Jessica Camacho-Cook
Sari Cole
Keith and Nancy Connolly
Richard and Roseanne Easler
Roger and Kathleen Eichner
Jim and Louanne Gajewski

Michael Niedecker
Allis and Evan Oswell
Andy and Becky Parker
Mitchell & Marilyn Roberts
The Rotary Club of Hampton Twp.
The Alison and William Strome Family
Denise Velarde

Caldecott Medal  $100-$249

A&S Carpet Collection
Manga and Narender Akubathini
Denis and KimAnna Antol
Bud Baker
Ray and Cathy Bamrick
Rita Baranwall and Peter Johnson
Richard Barnes
Susan and Jeffrey Basista
Mary Lynne Bennett Piano Studio
Amber and Dean Bierkan
Jim and Sue Bond
Joan Brewer                                               Horace J. Britton
Emily and Jay Broadbent
Clare Browne
James Bucklad
Jerry and Laurie Burdett
Lee Burtner
Ruth Caldone
Carol Capezzuti
Lois Ann Carr Ziga
Robert Carrell
Amanda Cole
Jill and Steve Cole
Alyssa Cowan
Rick and Tricia Coyle
Rebecca Craig-Fulmer
Bruce Crowley
Devlin's Point Apartments
Beth Docherty and Jeff Semke
Margot and Jerry Doherty
Colleen Drzemiecki
The Dudenas Family
Jeff and Wendy Dutkovic
The Eaton Family
Celeste Ehrhardt
Hal and Sue English
Mark Fastuca
Lisa Ference    

Karen Fleischman
Tina and Christopher Flowers
Charlotte and John Fong
Robert and Theresa Friday
The Garbon Family

Tom and Mary Garnett
Lawrence Gaus
Deborah Gooden

Jack R. Harnick
Scott and Kassandra Hart
Christine Hartung
Erin Hasinger
The Hecht Family
The Hellers
John and Helen Hoffman
Denise Balason and Tod Herchenroether
Christine Holllinger
Edgar and Donna Holtz
Richard Hopkins
Dave and Helen Houggy
The Hune Family
Craig Hunkele
Kristen and Brian Huskey
Carolynn Johnson
Carolyn J. Jones
Glenn and Phyllis Jones
Kevin and Irene Kane
Patrick and Cindy Kelly
Cindy Kimmons        

Joan Kinder
King Funeral Home and Cremation Services, Inc.
Sandra Kozel                    

Elena Kureichyk
Dennis and Clare Ann Kuremsky
Mike and Jan Langnecker
Diane W. Lawry
Catherine Lindner
George and Lois Lutz
George and Anita Maier
Rachael Mazzoni
Frank and Melissa Mazzotta
James McCarron
Melissa McLane
The Meneilly Family
Don and Carol Messner                          

Betsy and Mark Millstine
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Murphy

Phyllis and Joe Murray
Debra Nair
Susan and Blane Neubauer
Richard Nugent

Laura and Brian Okerberg
Mary and John Parrish Jr.

John W. Parrish III and Sierra Baril
Cynthia and Steven Perry
Michael Peters
Oleksiy Pikalo
Scott and Jeanette Poorbaugh
Albert and Marie Presto
Charles Robison
Rob and Ann Rock
Barry and Vicky Rogers
Peter and Carol Russ
Alice M. Rylands
Cindy Rylands
Patrick Santelli
Joan and Roman Shuman
Dundee Simoni
Judith Slack
Mary Lynn Smith
Pat and Jerry Speakman
Mary Lou Spindt
The Sprankle Family
Don and Janet Stahlman
Carrie Stanny
Kristi and Bernard Stiegler
Flaccus and Beth Stifel
Walt and Becky Stoy
Lorry Szymkowiak
Tom and Karen Tabor
Cheryl A. Templeton
Dick and Ann Thomas
James S. Thompson
Michael Tulley Jr.
Gillian Valore
Margaret Vescio
Wagner Service, Inc.
Eric and Allison Waldschmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Michael White
Lois Wigton
Lauren Williams
Lisa and Andrew Williams
Philip Williams
Linda Winkler
Susan and John Wisneski
Kim Wolfendale                                                    Cyril Koval and Teresa Wolken
Barry and Suzy Zasloff
Tracy and Mark Zigo

Newbery Medal  $50-$99

Marliyn Adams
Jack and Jo Ann Albert
June Anderson
Sandra Anderson
Jerry and Fran Angelo
Catherine and Jonathan Arvay
Lawrence and Linda Bagley Family Charitable Fund
Jean Baratka
Joe Barricella
Leslie and John Beck
Rob & Hongwei Bittner
Jordan and Hilary Boothe
The Busshaus Family
Mr. and Mrs. David Caruso
Sarah Cauley
Children of Hampton Oaks
Joyce Claus
Patricia M. Criste
Paul and Emily Dausch
Donald and Virginia Dawson
The Derence Family
Laurie Rizzo, Desktop Publishing
Sherry Dinnen
Bob and Nan Dotts
Rebecca Dougan
Eileen A. Drake
Patsie Evans
Mark and Carolyn Farabaugh
The Figueroa-Lifschitz Family
Laurent Fousse
Karen Gethen
Karl and Alice Gibson
C.A. Gill
Mary Lynn Gimigliano
Dale and SueAnn Giovengo
Christina Goetz
The Govi Family
Joan and Jon Harrigan
Rich and Aggie Haverlack
John and Carolyn Hoffman

William Hogle

Greg and Karen Homoki
Susan E. Hunter
John E. Hutson
Adrienne Ingram
Loretta Jones
Randall Kahler
Jim and Mary Kane
Afif and Sonja Kassouf
The Kavic Family
John and Ruth Keksz
Bob and Betsy King
Erin Kliber
Sharon Lace
Drs. Heather and Charles Li
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lillion
Sue and Rick Locaitis
Chris and Janet Lochner
Vernon Long
Craig and Patrice Luchansky
Jane Lutinksi
Mauro and Sandy Macioce
Mike and Bonny Maguire
The Marinelli Family
Sharon Marshall
Amy Mattson
The Mazzoni Family
Jonathon and Sharon McAwley
Clair and Patricia McCall
The McConnell Family
Terry McDermott
John McDonough
Ms. Karen McLachlan
Luann McMillin
Alicia Melnick
Carolyn J. Metting
David and Janna Moran
Dennis and Gwen Muir
Cindy Nock
Joseph and Elaine Oesterle
Dan and Chris O’Rourke
Paul and Paula Palmer

Maureen and Jim Perkins
Frank and Barbara Petroy

Hanna Popick
John Rakszawski
The Rauso Family
Nancy and Bob Reinsel
Madeline Reuther
Lorena and Bill Ringle
Joe and Cynthia Rivosecchi
Daniel and Mary Jane Rosek
Marie Rudert
Dan Schnorr
Lois Schoewe
Donald Schratz
Gerald and Nancy Sever
Susie Shages
Karen and Greg Shumaker
John and Eileen Sieger
Claudia Slevin
Greg and Wendy Smith
Helen Spakauskas
Patricia Stark
Katie and Bruce Steckel
William Stegman
Cindy and Bill Stilz
Ludmila Stolc
Ms. Dee Swierkowski
Paul Molingowski and Carolyn Thompson
Wanda Trdinich
Debbie Truitt
Larry and Chris Vasko - Family Giving Fund
Frank Vuljanic
Frank W. Wood
The Wallace Family
Dena Walzl
Eleanor Webb
Sue and Craig Wilson
Don and Judy Wisniewski
Gregory Wolfe
Anita Wurthner

O’Henry Prize  $25-$49

Gregory Aippersbach
Theodore Alexovich
The Andrews Family
Linda Bagaley
Brett and Diane Balint
Bob Barr
Jane and Al Bartoldi
Tamara Bentley
Bill Benzer
The Berg Family
Bill and Pat Best
Mary M. Bialosky
Jacqlyn Boggs
Charles and Judith Brooks
Margaret Brown
Steve Cargo
The Casselberrys
Mr. and Mrs. Claus
Timothy and Beth Colbert
Tony and Gloria Combi
Roger and Kay Cramer
Lola Cragnole
Daniel Croushore
Janet Duffy
Deb Eberhardt
Joan England
Lisa Fitzgerald
James Fortes
Nancy J. Frank
Tom Freeman
Alan Fritz
Allan and Carolann Gassert
Connie Geier

Jeff and Mary Ann Gerson

Dorothy L. Gustafson
The Haas Family
Lee Harrison

James Hayes
Laurence and Karen Hayward
Teresa Heid
The Helfrich Family
Karen Henderson
Deacon Clifford M. Homer

Larry and Denise Hoover
Dr. and Mrs. John W. Hoyt
Mary Jane Huber
Robert and Joann Jarvis
Dorothy Kelley
Nicole Kinmonth
Beverly and Ron Klinefelter
Karen and Bernard Komoroski
Andrew and Melissa Kortyna
Julia Krivanek
Albert F. Kucharksi
John and Laurie Lacher
Mike and Jan Lakatos
Janice Landefeld
Cheryl Loesch
The Lopez Family
Gail Malesky
Diane Matthews
The May Family
John A. McIntyre
Virginia Mcnally
Scott Miller
Margy and Barry Mitnick

David and Karen Morse

John Musher
John Neelan
Janet A. Ott
Nancy Painter
Kathy Paul
Shirley A. Peterson

Barbara Poorbaugh
Jonathon and Amy Reddig
Bill and Peg Ross
Joseph and Geraldine Saber
Beverly Schonbachler
Mr. and Mrs. Garry Schraeder
Sally Schuster
John & Jeanne Seserko
Robert Shages
Ken and Lois Shirk
Paul Smith
Joanne Smith
The Somma Family

Ed and Betsy Spearline
David and Donna Stell
Nancy and Bernie Stiegler
Stephanie and Matthew Straub
Peggy and Larry Stufft
Janet A. Talik
Christina Liberto and Paul Terek                        Esther M. Tolan
Aaron and Gretchen Watson
Danielle Weaver
William Weiss
Fred and Darlene Wheeler

Reader’s Choice

Deborah and Richard Bates
Robert and Ruth Ann Betz
The Davis Family
Gloria Enright
James Ferrar
Geraldine M. Grzybek
Ms. Patricia W. Hare
Larraine and Richard Hess

Thomas Heyl

Charles S. Hoffman
Elizabeth A. Hogan
Fred Johnston
Walter Mikulan
Florine Newcamp
William and Dolores Obringer
Karen A. Rapp

Mary Richter

Arlene Rider

Amanda Rihn
Roger A. Russo
Linda Sasinoski
Jane Sawyer
Virginia C. Skander-Mann
Mr. Marlin Stephens
Richard and Sharon Waite
Tim and Ruth Weinman

In Honor Of:

Hampton Township Police Department
Katie, Andrew and Amanda
The Library staff and their service to the community                                     The Locaitis Grandchildren
Miss Nancy
Barb Petroy        

Jane Sawyer
Wanda Trdinch

In Memory Of:

Barbara Barricella
Anthony Bionda
Becky Bartoldi
Stephen Bukovac
Elda Crognale
Fran and Roger Dice’s Parents
Anne Doffoal
Edward Ehrhardt
Maude S. Evans
Dr. Peter Ferson
Eugenie Fleshman

Lillian J. Foster

Robert G. Friday

Janet Garnett
Yvonne A. Harnick
Pam Hayward
Lillian Hellerman
Charlotte Hoburg
Manny Hudock
Ilona M. Hunkele
Lou and Dave Hunter
George and Jeff Kinder

Joe Landefeld
Cara E. Lawry & Edward J. Lawry Jr.
Gilda and Zolton Lupes
Richard Maier

Beverly Martincek
James P. McQuade
Bill Ott
Linda Rauso
Ethel J. Roberts
Gail Rylands, Dr. Robert J. Rylands & Dr. Christine Rylands Young
Robert William Siebert
Victor Stolc
Joe Trdinch
Joseph Vuljanic
Roland Wurthner
Charlie Ziga

Many Thanks:

Jack Buncher Foundation

2023-2024 Annual Appeal

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