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On the Road: Guessing Games

Hi Friends

When it rains, well, you have to improvise! We decided to play around a bit with I spy books, making it even more fun by taking turns giving clues. Here's one for you: I spy something that has 8 yellow legs:

You can borrow lots of great puzzle books from the library---as the weather turns colder, nothing beats snuggling up & using your amazing noggin.

Later we decided to explore the concepts of Greater Than & Less Than. Look around your house & ask a grown-up to help you find things to play with. Use your senses to think about these things, comparing size, shape, quantity & weight.

Well, we did eventually get it you can see half a pretzel stick, 1 cheese stick, a bunch of oranges weighs about the same as a ziploc baggie, an empty spice jar, 6 dinosaurs, a pretzel rod & a handful of sunflower seeds (unsalted). Heehee. I bet you could figure out interesting ways to compare sizes, shapes, weights & amounts!

Toodleloo, Kangaroos

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