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The Adventures of Roy G. Biv: the color Orange

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Well howdy friends,

You can pick up a new Grab-n-Go activity bag from the library each week during Summer Reading, June 1-August 8! Our sweet old chameleon pal, Roy, has been helping us to prepare some awesme activities to keep your hands & your minds busy all summer.

This week, we explored the color ORANGE:

What words rhyme with "orange?" Jump around while you practice rhyming:

(For older readers, here is an interesting explanation of slant rhyme)

Did you know that orange is considered a secondary color; a color made by mixing together other colors. You can make the orange hue by mixing Red & Yellow.

The sun, our dear orange friendly star in the sky, giver of life to our planet. You can practice Surya Namaskar, or Salute the Sun every morning:

Now, let's see what Ms. Annie & Roy are up to this week:

Once you have made your stamps, think about different ways to use them! Try to print a design onto a card for a friend, or large pieces of newsprint to make wrapping paper. You can explore traditional block printing in action with Adinkra made by Ghanian artists or artisans in India.

Happy art-making this week! Remember, we love to see what you create. You can snap a picture & share on the library Facebook page. Tag us #HCLROYGBIV.

Remember, Summer Reading starts June 1. All ages are invited to participate---we have something for everyone, babies to adults. Prizes! Activities! Reading! All ages are invited to participate! Patrons can complete a virtual or in-person experience. Registration for Summer Reading with Hampton Community Library can be done online or in-person at the library.

Toodleloo, Kangaroos!

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