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On the Road: Iguanadon

Hi Friends,

It seemed like a good idea this week for our family to do some indoor projects. Here's a short list of what we have accomplished since sunday:

-painted the basement walls jungle green

-made a cardboard doll house

-baked a batch of pineapple cookies

-learned how to re-string a guitar

-took the doggie to the vet (she got 2 shots & heartworm medecine)

-put the bikes onto the new storage rack in the garage

-gave the cat a bath. Turns out she doesn't really like water as much as we expected

-snuck out to Blue Slide Playground. I know, I know it was an Indoor Week but we couldn't resist the sunshine today...

-Recorded this video for my library friends:

If you are feeling bouncy & ready to dance, you can follow these instructions & Shake Your Body Down with Laurie Berkner.

If you are feeling more interested in those pysanky eggs, you can watch this short video about how I make them:

Toodleloo, Kangaroos!

p.s. Iguanodon:

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