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PlayK: You Are Special

Hi Friends,

Welcome to our first day of summertime Play K. I am so very glad you decided to join us:)

Our program is designed to provide opportunity for our young friends to practice some of the skills they will use when starting Kindergarten: read, write, listen, speak & most of all, PLAY!

It is our hope that children will find a comfortable space to engage in the program, one where they can easily move around & make a noisy mess. And since were are meeting in virtual space, we have divided the program into 3 sections so that children do not have to sit captive for 30+ minutes---feel free to stop the video for a snacks, bathroom breaks or work on one of the independent activities...then come back when ready. So turn on your brain-bulbs & let's get ready to play!

Today during Circle Time, we will sing the Days of the Week song & meet one of Ms. Annie's friends, Squirrely. Ms. Kristin shares some strategies to help us understand (& care for) our emotions.

Today's story helps us to think about the way everyone can be different & everyone can be special.

During Journal Time today, we will investigate the Mystery Box & play around with print making with slices of fruit.

Today we will sing a dinosaur song, play with scarves & find a way to zoom, zoom zoom off to the moon during Movement Time!

I hope to see you again tomorrow for more rumpity-bumpity fun!

Toodleloo, Kangaroos


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