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Spark Bags: the Final Countdown

Hi Friends,

We have come to the final week of grab-n-go Spark Bags to share from the Hampton Community Library. Stay tuned for future activities to *spark* curiosity. This week, we explore the concept of sequence, practice counting & spend some time playing together.

Just Imagine...All the things you could do with numbers if you were a professional athlete. Can you think of 5 different ways numbers are used in sports?

Task 1: Think of a challenge for yourself, or take turns playing with someone special. It should be something fun & easy:

-put a broom on the floor & jump over it

-bounce a ball

-draw flowers

-stack paper cups

-blow bubbles

Now, use the die (plural is "dice") to roll a number & do the challenge that many times. For example if your Grandma chooses to say the tongue twister "Unique New York" & you roll a number 7 on the die, then Grandma has to say it 7 fun fun.

Task 2: Speaking of sports, consider the uniform for your favorite team. Think about the colors of the uniform, are they bright & strong or soft & intelligent? What is the logo & how does it help tell the story of the team? Think about how YOU would design the uniform (or logo) for a team. Would you change the Steelers from black & gold to chartruese? Might you consider making the Penguins cute & fluffy? It's up to you...

Here's an example of 2 different logos for the same team: the CWRU Fighting Gobies:

Which do you like better?

"You have to be odd to be number one." ~Dr. Seus

Alrighty, time to circle back to the very begining of our's the Final Countdown:

And as always, thank you for joining us here today:)

Toodleloo, Kangaroos!

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