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Who's Next: On the Road with Tucker & Henry

Greeting from Tucker, Henry and Suzy!

We hope you are all enjoying the final days of summer! It certainly has been it reminds the poodle boys of their trips to their second home in Florida. They usually visit from January to March. Sometimes they ride in the car and sometimes they fly with Suzy in a private plane. Henry gets a little afraid, but he likes getting to Florida in 3 hours!

Once the boys arrive in Florida, the first thing they do is go to the beach! They are lucky, because their Florida home is on the beach, so all they have to do is walk down a path! Henry loves to watch the ocean from our porch. I think he’s looking for birds!

In addition to the beach, there are lots of fun things for Tucker and Henry to do! Many restaurants allow the dogs to sit outside. Sometimes, they even get to order a hamburger or some chicken! And Henry loves ice cream! The boys like the fact that they don’t have to stay home when we go out. They know they have to behave like good boys, and they get treats and pets as a reward!

The boys are allowed to go into some shops, too. They have a special poodle friend, Dash, who works at a fun shop!

The boys send their love to all of you and they hope to see you soon!

Your friends,

Tucker, Henry and Suzy

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