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at Hampton Community Library

To check out one of the kits below, please request it in person at the circulation desk.  Kits cannot be requested through the online catalog.

Please be advised:  

  • ONE kit per family may be checked out.  

  • ALL items from the kit MUST be returned to the Hampton Community Library circulation desk. 

  • All items from the kit must be returned BEFORE another kit can be borrowed. 

  • Kits are non-requestable & non-renewable. 

  • Kits are not available for curbside pick-up.

Kits are designed to spark engagement between children & families.  Use your library card to investigate, create, sing, dance, listen, speak & read!

nature backpack.jpg
Made possible by a collaboration between Allegheny County Library Association, Allegheny Land Trust, Allegheny County Parks & Western Pennsylvania Conservancy.

Plants & Fungi Backpack 

  • Field guides: mushrooms, Pennsylvania trees & wildflowers 

  • Magnifying glass 

  • Folder of materials: Leave No Trace Ethics card, backpack guide, Poison Ivy ID sheet, tick ID card, map of Hartwood Acres, Allegheny County App sheet

Meadow Backpack 

  • Field guides: bees & other pollinators, butterflies & moths, Pennsylvania trees & wildflowers 

  • Magnifying bug reviewer 

  • Bug net 

  • Binoculars 

  • Identiflyer with four cards 

  • Folder of materials:  map of Hartwood Acres, Leave No Trace Ethics card, backpack guide, Poison Ivy ID sheet, tick ID card, Allegheny County App sheet, scavenger hunt


Africa Bag 

  • English & Swahili, Traditional Nursery Rhymes by Arielle Phoenix 

  • What’s What? A Guessing Game by Mary Serfozo 

  • Nelson Mandela’s Favorite African Folktales collected by Nelson Mandela 

  • Mancala for Kids (Pressman): wood game board, 48 animal shaped game pieces, rule book 

  • 2 Ghanaian woven rattles, information page 

  • Putumayo Kids Presents African Playground: CD & booklet 

Mexico Bag 

  • Whiskers, Tails & Wings: Animal Folktales from Mexico by Judy Goldman 

  • Spellable: 24 puzzle pieces 

  • Ochos Locos: 108 cards (84 number cards, 24 pepper cards), instructions 

  • Mexican Guio with striker stick 

  • Putumayo Kids Presents Mexico: CD & booklet


China Bag 

  • Chinese & English Nursery Rhymes by Faye-Lynn Wu 

  • Tangram Puzzle: 7 wood pieces in wooden box, booklet, instruction sheet 

  • Red & gold dragon puppet 

  • Gong, stand & mallet (in box) 

  • Putumayo Kids Presents Asian Playground: CD & booklet 

South America Bag 

  • La Madre Goose Nursery Rhymes for Los Ninos by Susan Middleton Elya 

  • Lil’Loteria: 6 game boards, 36 cards 

  • Minilingo game: 21 pairs of cards 

  • 2 Chilean rain sticks 

  • Putumayo Kids Presents Latin Dreamland: CD & booklet

south america.jpg

Korea Bag 

  • Where’s Halmoni? By Julie Kim 

  • Yut Nori Set: 4 wooden sticks, instruction book 

  • Wood frog & striker stick 

  • Putumayo Kids Presents World Playground: CD & booklet 


Japan Bag 

  • Japanese Myths, Legends & Folktales by Yuri Yasuda 

  • My First Book of Japanese Words by Michelle Haney Brown 

  • Kendama toy: wooden handle, ball & string, instructions 

  • Sushi Go!: 108 cards, instructions 

  • Hand drum 

  • Putumayo Kids Presents Asian Dreamland: CD & booklet

latin america.jpg

Latin America Bag 

  • The Dragon Slayer: Folktales from Latin America by Jaime Hernandez 

  • Spanish alphabet flip books: 26 alphabet dividers, 26 flip books 

  • Serpientes y Escaleras: 4 game boards (each board is divided into 4 laminate pieces), 2 dice, 3 tokens 

  • 2 Peruvian gourd maracas 

  • Putumayo Kids Presents Latin Playground: CD & booklet 


Weight & Balance Kit 

  • Binder: table of contents, book list, extension activities  

  • See Inside bucket balance, 2 buckets 


Get Movin’ Kit 

  • Binder: table of contents, book list, extension activities 

  • Found It Pound It game: 10 dog tags (assorted colors) 

  • My Mat yoga activity mat 

  • Yoga dice: 6 large poses dice, 1 small number die, drawstring bag, 7 tokens, yoga mat cloth 

  • 7 laminated direction sheets 

2023-2024 Annual Appeal

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