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ABC Storytime: the Letter S

Will you sing an alphabet song with me?

It's time for the Letter of the Day:

(tune is the Farmer and the Dell)

The letter of the day,

The letter of the day,

Hip, hip, hip-hooray,

Today is letter "S"!

Can you draw a big letter Sin the air?

Stand up, point your magic finger out in front of you. Now draw hook-around, snake.

*The complete Zaner-Bloser Handwriting Manual can be found here.

*Letter S practice using the American Sign Language Alphabet can be found here.

S says "ssss"

And S says "ssss"

Every letter makes a sound

S says "ssss"

Can you think of words that start with the letter S?

How about an "s" song in Spanish:

Today Ms. Suzy reads Shark, by Bob Shea and Five Little Sharks Swimming in the Sea, by Steve Metzge:

Toodleloo, Kangaroos!

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