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Birds, Bats, many flying things!

Hi friends!

Do you remember the robin's nest that we looked at a few weeks ago? The babies have already grown up & flown away!

Did you know that air is inside bird bones? Why do you think that might be? You can explore great resources from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History from your home computer & find amazing facts about our world. Today we watched a bird have a snack from the live collection, learned how to draw a bird & heard a paleontologist talk about a strange dinosaur "The Chicken from Hell." Remember when you research, try to find a trusted source (that means peer-reviewed facts) like an encyclopedia.

We have a little pet parakeet named Chirpy. You have to be very careful & patient if you want to train a bird to hop up onto your finger. Their little bodies are delicate, but with lots of practice, Chirpy is getting good at stepping up onto our hands & shoulders. It makes me laugh thinking about this little ancestor of Trex nibbles carrots from my palm. In honor of his great-great-great-great-great-way-back-millions-of-years-ago-great-great-even-older-than the Bowhead Whale-waaaaaaay-old dinosaur relatives, let's roar & stomp & sing along:

Dino Ditty song from Jbrary

Laurie Berkner Band's classic We Are the Dinosaurs

Let's see what LEGO has to say about aerodynamics:

Here is one of our favorite stories about a little bat named Stellaluna. Can you tell what kind of birds Pip, Flitter & Flap are?

Bats are wonderful creatures who eat lots of pesky insects: mosquitoes! Maybe you will find time to make a bat house. The Opossum, another local friend also eat lots of ticks, the insect responsible for the spread of Lyme disease.

So we started with birds & ended up with ticks..I think it's time for Bookkitty to take a walk in the sun. But first, circle back to Sesame Street & Mo Willems:

Toodleloo, Kangaroos!

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