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Doggie Doodle Dandy

Lately we have been spending most days indoors & to our homes. If your neighborhood is like ours, you will see many people walking, jogging & sometimes carrying their dogs all day long.

Do you have a pet or favorite animal? Today we wanted to share some stories & songs about our furry friends:) Count along with Ms. Suzie as she reads Dog's Colorful Day by Emma Dodd.

Some dogs are snuggly & silly, while others love to work & do tricks. Ms. Annie's dog named Bismuth (her kids were super obsessed with the Periodic Table of the Elements) wanted to show off some of her favorite tricks. Many people use a whistle, clicker or special treats to train their dogs, but you should never hit or kick an animal. When you see someone walking or playing with a dog, ask "May I pet your dog?" before trying to touch the dog. Most people will say "Yes" but it is always a good idea to check first. National Geographic for Kids is a great site to find moer facts about dogs.

Here are two sweet little dog puppets you could try making at home. Try these Marionette puppies with cardboard tubes & yarn (Some of our storytime friends might remember making these). Or check out how Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund makes a sock puppet.

While our daily lives are disrupted, we wanted to share a few resources to support emotional health. Scholastic has put out an excellent workbook designed to help kids (and caregivers) understand some of the big feelings associated with the COVID-19 outbreak. Take the opportunity teach kids how being aware of our mind & body can help us to feel calm & in control. If you have a dog (or cat, hamster, snake, goldfish) or a special stuffed animal, find a cosy spot & read them a story. Animals can provide comfort during all kinds of stressful times, even Cat Stevens agrees.

Now Sit. Stay. And snuggle up for a classic: Snuggle up for a classic Harry the Dirty Dog read by Betty White.

Toodleloo, Kangaroos

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