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Krafty Kitty: Snowflake Wishes

Hi Friends!

Snowflakes are wishes falling down from above,

snowflakes are wishes full of love.

Let’s create some magic and sparkle on these cold dark nights,

help us fill our windows with wishes and lights!

Create a snowflake,

write your wish upon it,

bring it the library where we will hang it for all to see!

Snowflakes can be big or small,

they can be full of sparkle and glitter

or nothing at all.

~Ms. Suzy, poetess extraordinaire

I'm so glad you joined me & Krafty Kitty today! We are making Snowflake Wishes to fill our big, beautiful library windows!

Here's a summary:

Step 1: Make a snowflake

-use colored paper, newspapers, cardboard, yarn, glitter, pipe cleaners---whatever your crafty hands decide!

-write your name or a message, or leave it anonymous

Step 2: Bring your snowflake to the library

-give to a staff member during regular business hours OR place inside the outdoor book drop

Step 3: make a wish!

You can find many tutorials for making cut paper snowflakes online, paper strip snowflakes or origami snowflakes online.

So, what is a snowflake? A crystal formed when the water molecules freeze!

And now for Krafty Kitty's most favorite wintertime story: The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats

I hope you have some fun making Snowflake Wishes to decorate your windows & doors. Next time it snows, see if you can catch a snowflake on your mittens & make a wish!

Toodleloo, Kangaroos!

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