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Krafty Kitty: Warm Fuzzies

Hi Friends!

You can find a copy of the Warm Fuzzy story adapted from Claude Steiner's tale here.

Now, you can make your own Warm Fuzzy to share (or warm you up on a day when you are feeling a bit cold & prickly). Visit the library to get a grab-n-go craft bag, full of pom-poms, felt shapes & googley eyes. We love to see what you make---snap a pic of your creations & share on our Facebook page!

We are thinking about ways to show others we care. It warms my heart knowing that you will find many ways to say 'I love you' as you grow & make your way in this world.

Many people like to write letters to friends & family. Maybe you could draw a special picture or write special words to someone today. Do you know how to address an envelope?

It feels wonderful to do something nice for someone else, doesn't it. But sometimes we need to do a bit more to take care of ourselves. Sometimes it is too cold & dreary, or you have had a difficult week or you feel surrounded by lumpy-grumpy people. When that happens, it is a good idea to find a quiet place, snuggle up with a warm drink & read or draw to help yourself feel better. When I feel that way, I mix up a cup of Golden Milk, a recipe that came from a good friend & neighbor, Laxmi.

Golden Milk

Makes 1 cup of sunshine

Pick out a mug that feels good to hold in your hands. Not too big, not too small.

Pour milk into the cup. You can use any kind of animal or plant-based milk.

Add a pinch of tumeric & a dash of black pepper.

Warm the milk in the microwave (if you want to get serious, warm the milk in a pan on the stove). Laxmi likes hers to be hot enough to see steam rising, about 3 minutes. But you have to be careful, because it can boil over and make a milky mess on the microwave (which will NOT make a grumpy day better).

Scoop out a tablespoon of honey, swirl it around in the warmed milk until it dissolves.

Hold the cup, smell the good smells, feel the warm steam on your face & sip. Feel your body relax...All better.

Toodleloo, Kangaroos

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