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Listen Up: A Rather Old Caterpillar

Hi Friends!

If we celebrated the "Golden Anniversary" of a book in 2018, how old would that book be now? This 52 year old book is one of our favorite stories to celebrate Spring:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle:

  1. Quick bonus points: name 3 of the foods the caterpillar ate on Saturday.

  2. Eric Carle is an author & illustrator, so he was able to have a lot of creative control over his books. I really like thinking about all the different jobs that are needed to turn an idea into a book! Can you think about all the different people & steps that it takes? From the paper mills to the ink factory, truck drivers, editors & publishers & of course, readers! It's really neat to think about all those people & parts that work together to make a book. We heard that Carle was "innovative with new formats to give his readers interactive surprises, from the Caterpillar's punch holes to the tactile web of The Very Busy Spider." What is your favorite thing about books? The paper? The words? The illustrations? What are some ways that a book is different (and special) compared to digital media?

  3. Oprah Winfrey is attributed as having said "a person can change [their] future by merely chaning [their] attitude." Think about a time when you transformed, like the caterpillar into a butterfly by changing your attitude. How do you think knowledge, experience & access to opportunity affect a person's ability to change?

  4. Do you know the difference between a cocoon & a chrysalis? Grab a trusted adult & Google it. Try to find a good source of information, rather find a RELIABLE source. (Some great tips can be found here).

Years ago, Bookkitty was an art teacher. One of her favorite projects to do with the kids was inspired by Eric Carle's illustrations. First, use paints (or whatever supplies you have handy) to decorate papers into all kinds of colors & textures. I like to draw with crayon & then paint over it with watercolor.

Let the papers dry & then cut/rip/tear into shapes. Glue the shapes onto paper to make a collage. Then write a poem

to accompany the image. Voila!

There are many holidays to celebrate in Spring: Holi, Easter, Passover, even Ramadan begins in April this year. Many of us make special holiday foods to eat & share with family or friends. (Maybe you might even feel a bit like the little caterpillar after he has eaten all that yummy food----a fresh green leaf always helps to make the tummy feel better!) While we continue to social distance for health & safety of our communities, we can still find ways to celebrate. One of my favorite spring traditions is making pysanky eggs. What kinds of traditions do you look forward to celebrating with your family? Take some time this weekend & ask around. Maybe you can video chat with Grandma or call Uncle Ike on the phone, learn about their childhood. Maybe you could cook a special food with your family at home or chat with a neighbor outside about traditions that are different from your own. Wishing peace & joy to blossom with the Spring into your lives!

Toodleloo, kangaroos

Today's book was The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle. You can visit the author's website

or watch the author himself read the book. See some awesome puppets from the Very Hungry Caterpillar Show or make your own

sock puppet for storytelling at home.

Thanks to Pexels contributers for providing awesome video clips.

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