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Listen Up: D for Dahl

Hi Friends,

Today's chapter comes from More About Boy: Roald Dahl's Tales from Childhood by Roald Dahl

  1. Candy. I mean, for real, weren't those just delicious descriptions of different candies? It's pretty neat to read about candy shops from Dahl's childhood (pop-quiz: how many years ago was 1925?) Which description was your favorite? The dangerous Pear Drops...the exciting Sherbert Straws...the everlasting Gobstoppers...with Halloween just around the corner, think about some candies or treats you have enjoyed. How would you describe it to children in the future who likely will have a completely different type of treats.

  2. Candy isn't the only thing that is different these days. Make a short list of 3 other things that are very different about what it's like to be a child today in 2020 from what Dahl described from his days. Why do you think things have changed so much? Are there things about his story that you wish we had or could experience today?

  3. The book makes use of many interesting Primary sources such as photographs of young Roald & his sisters. Why do you think primary sources are used as illustrations in the book? What can we learn from these images that is different than from a painting or drawing? This is a picture from the book depecting the Landaff Cathedral School:

Righty, thanks for joining me for another Friday afternoon of listeny-thinky-ready!

Toodleloo, Kangaroos


Dig deeper to find out about the hilarious (and informative) Roald Dahl Dictionary, investigate Quentin Blake the legendary illustrator of many Dahl books. Find a listing of movies based on books by Roald Dahl or just settle in to watch part one of Bookkitty's favorite Dahl story...

Thanks to Pexels contributers for providing awesome video clips.

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