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Listen Up: Jump Up

Hi Friends

Today we read nonfiction:)

Cool Crafts with Old Wrappers, Cans and Bottles by Carol Sirrine:

So how did we do---could you imagine what the tin can lantern would look like from the instructions you heard? You can watch excellent video demonstration showing how to make a tin can lantern, from the National Theater of Scotland to get a more complete idea of the project.

1. Let's think about different types of writing. Poetry can be the absolute pure, minimal amount of words for expression while a PhD. dissertation would be an example of utilizing a full range of words to thoroughly examine a topic. Illustrations in a book provide a nice balance between the two. However, if you can use only words, it is a bit more challenging---you gotta be precise. That's one of the reasons that expression "A picture is worth a thousand words" is so often used. If you are a visual learner, you probably can appreciate the "exact instructions" challenge (here's a great visual example). Grab a piece of paper & write some exact instructions about how to draw a smiley face. See what happens when a friend tries to follow the directions.

2. Can you remember how many years it takes for a plastic bottle to begin to break down? 700 years! There are lots of artists & craftspeople who use junk & recycle materials to make their art. Collage, assemblage, sculpture, jewelry, basketweaving...are just some of the popular types of recycled material arts. Sometimes we think about "art for art's sake" (the idea that art is just something that makes you feel good to make it, look at it or use it). Other times, an artist uses their work to express an idea about life & the world. For example, many of the artists who use recycled materials do so to help us recognize how much waste we humans create. What do you think about that? Do you think art can influence people? How so?

3. The book includes facts, glossary & a list of other books about the same topic. Why do you think the author decided to include these elements? The author even recommends a search engine for kids to use for research. Kids who are looking for more information about a topic should feel comfortable using both internet search engines & library resources. Do you ever think about the pros & cons of either? (One of Bookkitty's favorite things about the library is that there area real, live, trusted sources to help you out: librarians). Common Sense Media is a resource that adults (and older children) can use to help discern media types. Take some time to sit with an adult to research something that interests you, work together to identify high quality sources of information. Build media literacy skills together.

Time for Bookkitty to say Toodleloo, Craftaroos. So sing along with our dear Oscar the Grouch, gather up some junk & make something:)

Today's book: Cool Crafts with Old Wrappers, Cans and Bottles by Carol Sirrine. You can check out her organization, Art Start, which combines arts learning with environmental stewardship, based in Minnesota.

The Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse is a similar organization you can access locally.

Thanks to Pexels contributers for providing awesome video clips.

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