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Listen Up: Spooky Stories from Around the World

Hi Friends

Today we listen to a collection of short stories from the book A World Full of Spooky Stories: 50 Tales to Make Your Spine Tingle by Angela McCallister.

Righty then, those stories weren't too spooky for you, I hope.

1. What makes these stories spooky or chilling? Is it the ghosts? The magic? Each story has an element of the unknown, things we don't have some kind of Facts or Science to explain exactly what is going on in the story, right? Some people deal with these Questions by becoming scientists or philosophers. Others make art. Stories, songs, paintings---for all of human history---we have found ways to share these questions with others.

2. Bookkitty thinks that we (the readers) feel uncomfortable when our understanding of reality shifts. The writer (or storyteller) can take away the way we expect the world to work & boy, does it make the story spooky! You can try it right now. What happens when you toss a ball into the air? Gravity gets it, right? But what if the ball floats away instead of falling to the ground? Spooky! How about a cat, what sound does the cat make? But what if it said 'woof' instead of 'merowl' or even better, what if it said 'hey mom, can I borrow the keys to go see a movie with my friends?' That certainly would be strange, spooky, wooooo! Now you know the secret to telling a spooky story.

3. Sometimes it is fun to be a bit scared. But REAL scary isn't fun at all. What can you do about it? Do you have a strategy that helps when you're feeling scared?

Hope each of you have a safe & joy filled Halloween.

Toodleloo, Spookyroos

Read an interview with the author visit her website, and you can watch an interview with illustrator David Catrow.

Thanks to Pexels contributers for providing awesome video clips.

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