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On the Road: 2,4,6,8 Who Do We Appreciate?

Hi friends,

Clap your hands & chant with me:


Who do we a-ppre-ci-ate?

Math Teachers!

I bet some of our friends celebrated 100 days of school recently...10 groups of 10...that's a LOT of days! Good news, folks, the school year is only 180 days long in Pennsylvania, so we are on the home stretch to summe...Celebrating 100 days is a nice milestone that we can use to emphasize math concepts such as sequencing & grouping.

Now for some Math Magic:

  1. Choose a number between 1 and 6.

  2. Multiply the number by 9.

  3. Multiply the result by 111.

  4. Multiply the answer by 1001.

  5. Divide the number by 7.

  6. The answer will contains all the numbers 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8.

You can COUNT on math to guide you;)

How many number 9's can you find in the picture?

Count 1, 2, 3 & try a finger play with our friend, Jim Gill

Bookkitty has been attending some excellent virtual workshops over the past few months. I want to share with you some great resources from PBS. Loveable characters, pre-literacy skills, STEAM learning, ideas for kids & parents to connect & learn, PBS Kids is a trusted resource that promotes holistic (social, emotional & intellectual) development. I'd like to share some highlights from the workshop. *The big idea is to use excellent resources to inspire, engage, learn & play with our kids*

-Help your child to play the Curious George Meatball Launcher game (numeracy!) Invite them to help you make homemade play clay (fractions!) Practice rolling meatballs & noodles with the dough (fine motor skills!) Serve each other a snack (measurment!) Snuggle up to watch an episode of Curious George (chill!)

-Watch full & partial episodes online. For younger learners, each episode of Peg + Cat reinforces math concepts, with upbeat animation that includes graph paper & geometric shapes as part of the landscape. Older learners can enjoy the live action show Odd Squad (get it, odd & even numbers!) Episodes emphasize concept building with interesting characters & mysteries to solve. (learning is fun!) Shows all have corresponding games or apps, many of which can foster social emotional development (2 player mode!)

-Use the tools on a smartphone or tablet in multiple ways (high tech meets low tech!) Go on a shape scavenger hunt around the house, use the camera to take pictures of what you find (geometry!) Calculator, flashlight, compass & timers all have cool/fun math applications (you are probably getting tired of all these exclamation points in parenthesis!) Laugh along with Sesame Street's Two-Headed monster, then cut up your own shapes from paper to sort or make a tangram puzzle.

Well friends, I hope you got some new ideas to get your mathy brains poppin' but just in case you're still hungry for more...try to wrap your head around some really BIG numbers:

Toodeloo, Kangaroos!

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