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On the Road: B for Bueno

Buenos Dias mis amigos y mis amigas,

I took a little walk to visit my neighbor, Ms.Bea. Some of you might remember singing & playing along with her during Spanish storytimes at the library. So today, we celebrate the letter B, a Bueno Beginning to a Bilingual education.

You can sing along:

Buenos dias, buenos dias,

como estas, como estas?

Muy bien, gracias,

muy bien gracias,

y tu, y tu?

Verse 2: Buenos tardes

Verse 3: Buenos noches

Did you notice the way Ms. Bea said words in Spanish, then switched to English and then back to Spanish? Cool, right? Many families speak more than one language, but did you know there are about 6, 909 languages worldwide. That's amazing!

Ms. Bea wants to show you some animal friends en su granja. You can say OINK with Cerdo, NEIGH with Caballo, CLUCK with Pollo and AWOOF with Perro.

That was silly. And fun. Would you like to read a story with Ms. Bea? Today she has a helper to read The Bus for Us by Suzanne Bloom to us:

One of the things that I like best about this story, is the way the author uses words tell one part of the story, and illustrations tell another part of the story. For example, while Tess & Gus are watching for the bus, all kinds of funny things happen as more & more children arrive to wait for their school bus.

Muchas gracias to Ms. Bea & her helper for joining us this week! You can visit her every Sunday at 11:30 for a live Spanish Storytime on Facebook.

So we can speak, read & write to share ideas with each other. Can you think of some other ways to communicate?

I bet you though of some great ways, including nonverbal communication. Let's play a few games to practice:

The Copy Cat game (watch out though, it is a game guaranteed to make you giggle):

  • Sit or stand across from your partner.

  • Make a face. See if your partner can copy it.

  • Now your partner makes a face. See if you can copy it.

  • Repeat until the faces you make are bored, grumpy or OMGIHAVETOPEEEE

Act Out game:

  • Name a feeling.

  • All the players use their face & body to show that feeling. Exaggerate, use the whole body.

  • Try to communicate a variety of feelings, include some that are difficult such as patience, disappointment, embarassment or jelousy.

Alright friends, it's almost time to say Adios. But first, I want to remind you that it's always important to respect each other. Sometimes you might meet someone that speaks, looks or acts differently than you do. Everyone is different, & everyone is special. Be proud of who you are & be kind to others. There are many ways to look or think or speak, & we are lucky to have "many ways to say 'I love you'." I hope you take some time this week to share your love in your own way.

Canguro, Toodleloo;)

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