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On the Road: D for Dressage

Hi Friends

Monday was a school holiday for my kiddos, so it was the perfect day to try something new! Kinda windy up on that thar hill...but see if you can guess where we adventure-d:

Here are some more clues:

We visited a new friend, Lisa at her Horse Farm. What do you know about horses?

We learned about two different types of saddles, helped a horse named Bubba do stretching exercises & found out that the hoof is actually like a big fingernail, with smaller nails on the back of the leg above the ankle.

Ride a cock-horse to Banbury Cross,

To see a fine lady upon a white horse;

Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes,

And she shall have music wherever she goes

Some of you might remember this song from storytime at the library. It's a perfect lapsit for little ones to practice the rhythm of language.

Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out in front. You can bounce a stuffed animal or young child on your lap while we sing:

Here we come a galloping, galloping, down the country lane

Faster! Here we come a galloping, galloping, down the country lane

Faster! Here we come a galloping, galloping, down the country lane

(keep singing & bouncing faster & faster until you you tangle up in giggles)

Today our featured story comes from Ms. Torres:

Do you ever feel like Horse did in this book? What could you do with those feelings? Sometimes people like to make a drawing to help them with difficult feelings. What's your favorite animal?

Maybe you love horses, or dogs or dragons! See if you could gather some supplies & make your own animal inspired marionette. Then you can act out a story about feelings with your creation:

Well friends, I'm gld you came to share in the fun today!

Toodleloo, kangaroos


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