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On the Road: Head, Shoulders, Knees & Nose

Hi Friends,

Most of you know the words to the Head Shoulders Knees & Toes song, right? It's a fun little tune to sing faster & slower. And you might remember singing the Toes, legs, knees, arms, elbow, jaw, teeth, nose song by Jim Gill at the library. But how many kids are learning about what is under their skin?

Way back when Bookkitty was a child, her first grade teacher had the class trace their bodies on a piece of paper, like this:

Then, we colored & cut out the organs & learned where they belong inside our bodies---it was a really cool way introduce anatomy. It was so great, except I'm still a little unsure where the gallbladder actually fits. You can try it at home, using something like this awesome, free printable set.

Your body can do so many amazing things! Did you know that the space from your elbow to your wrist is exactly the same as the length of your foot? Go ahead, try it: lift your foot up to place it on your forearm, it fits perfectly!

Most people learn that their fingerprints are unique, but did you know that the pattern of taste buds on your tongue is also one-of-a-kind?

Stand up tall, lift your arms up and spread them out as far as you can. You can ask a friend to measure the length from the fingertips of your left hand to the fingertips of your right. Then, measure your height...the numbers should just about match! Your wingspan = your height! Whew, now grab a glass of water & keep that wonderful body of your hydrated.

Toodloo, kangaroos!

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