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On the Road: Kan You Kount Kountries?

Hi Friends!

We have started doing more puzzles again now that it gets dark early...we were talking about places we have visited & places we would like to go. Someday. Lots of people like to travel during November & December to visit family & friends. This year, many of us will be staying home & social distancing. But that doesn't mean we have to be lonley or bored! There is a whole world to explore:)

Have you traveled to somewhere special & brought back a souvenir? See if you can remember which item I showed came from each of these places:

Seoul, South Korea

Kyoto, Japan

Kathmandu, Nepal

Krakow, Poland

Kuala Kangsar, Malaysia

Check out this fun list of places that start with the letter "k" to get you started planning a travel adventure! One of the cool things about the internet is that we can "visit" places around the world from the comfort of our own home. No computer? No problem, come visit your local library---free wifi, too:) An awesome example of a letter "k" adventure...knights & armor at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Or just check out what friends & neighbors all around the world see right outside their windows.

("We'll eat you up we love you so" that was always my favorite line). Let's sail off to Where the Wild Things Are:

Well friends, wherever you go, please travel safely, respect others & cherish the life all around.

Toodleloo, Kangaroos

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