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On the Road: Peep

Hi friends!

One of Bookkitty's friends shared this video with us:

Did you guess what she had inside the box?

Peeps! Peeps! Peeps!

We just had to take a visit to see the brand new baby chicks. We couldn't believe how soft & sweet these little gals are. They are tiny & delicate but full of spunk! Can you count the chicks in each picture?

Five eggs and five eggs (hold up 5 fingers on one hand, then the other) And that makes ten (wiggle 10 fingers) Sitting on top (make a fist with one hand, cover the top with other hand) Is Mother Hen Crackle crackle crackle (clap hands for each crackle) What do I see? (arms out and shrug) Ten fluffy chickens (hold up 10 fingers and wiggle) Yellow as can be.

Chicks hatch from eggs & so do lots of other creatures. But one of these things does not hatch from an egg---see if you can figure out which one does not belong:

And now for one of my favorite chicken stories:

You can visit the website of award winning author & illustrator, Nancy Tafuri or snuggle up for chick-a-riffic classic episode of Mister Roger's Neighborhood. Just remember the next time you gobble up a delicious, nutritious eggie meal, say "thanks" to the lovely chicken who shared her egg with you!

Cockadoodletoodleloo, kangaroos!

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