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On the Road: Riverwalk

Hi Friends

Do you know the name of our 3 Rivers here in Pittsburgh?

(image credit: Roger Wollstadt, 1968)

The Allegheny, Ohio & Monoghela Rivers converge at the "Point." Now that the weather is *starting* to turn, (at least we can observe the light changing as we creep closer to Spring) Bookkitty has put on her Tromping Boots & begun adventuring along the Allegheny river with her dad, Gapu.

Here are some pictures from our adventure. What do you see?

Some other things you might think about are:

-how does the water sound like as it splashes & blumps against the shore?

-what is the shore made of: rocks? mud? plants? sand? garbage?

-what kind of animals live in or near the river?

-are there official hiking trails to explore?

-what industries use the river alongside the wildlife?

-can you imagine any river-inspired crafts or STEAM activities?

One of Gapu's favorite books to read to Bookkitty & her brother & sister when they were little is Mr. Gumpy's Outing, by John Birmingham:

Now, for anyone who is tired of nagging & explaining to your little ones (or big ones, old ones, short ones, tall ones too) to wear a masks, you could just sing the directions to them:

Toodleloo, Kangaroos!

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