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Over, Under, Around, & Through

Hi Friends!

Can you spy the Robin in the tree?

So there's this game we love to play called "look up look down look all around" (my family is very fond of long names like "run around in the dark and scare each other" or "guess what crunchy thing I am chewing"). The object of the game is to sharpen observation skills, but is also super fun when the hider really stumps all the seekers. The game is played in this way:

1. Select a small toy to hide, like a minifigure, plastic farm animal, something small-ish.

2. Seekers should cover their eyes, or go into another room.

3. Hider puts toy somewhere that can be found without moving anything around. It has to be in plain sight, but sneaky.

4. Seekers uncover eyes/return to the game room.

5. Hider says "look up look down look all around."

6. Seeker that finds the toy gets to be the next hider.

Hope the sunshine is warming your bones & hearts...Spring has me feeling hopeful for the days ahead.

Toodleloo, kangaroos!

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