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Spark Bags: Counting Kindness

Hi Friends!

We have started a new project over at the Hampton Community Library: Spark Bags.

Each week, we will have an activity prepared to *spark* curiosity. Explore physics, chemistry, art, music, yoga & more, then share what you created on the library Facebook or Instagram. This week we consider the concepts of mindfulness, community service & inclusive by engaging in activities that spread kindness.

Just are a superhero & your super-power is KINDNESS. How will you change the world today?

Inside the bag you will find: 10 plastic tokens. *You can still participate without the bag, just substitute pennies, or paper clip or even small pieces of paper for the tokens!

Task 1: Put 10 tokens into your left-side pocket. Each time you say something kind or do something kind, transfer 1 token to your right-side pocket. At the end of the day, count how many tokens you transferred.

Task 2: Brighten someone's day with a special rock. Find a rock, decorate to make it beautiful. Carefully place the rock somewhere for somebody to find it.

How do you think these tasks will affect how you think & act? How do you think it might affect others around you?


"No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted." Aesop

You can read the story of the Lion & the Mouse from the Library of Congress. Four our younger readers, try watching this puppet show version of the story, told by the Edmonton Public Library. While you read, think about how the story would be different if the Mouse made different choices.


Author Gene Yang, talks about inclusion & kindness in this short video. Read the full article from Reading Rockets here:


There's lots of books, eBooks, audiobooks about kindness you could read this summer. Remember to sign up for Summer Reading & log your books! While we continue to practice social distancing, we are ready to help you find your next great read. Check out our innovative contactless curbside park and pick up. Simply fill out the request form & our staff will provide you with a selection of books from our collection, bundled & ready for you to pickup without having to set foot into the library building. What kindness will you spark today? Toodleloo, Kangaroos!

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