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The Watermelon Seed

Hi Friends,

Bookkitty has been busy-busy bumble-bee working hard to prepare all kinds of wonderful exciting Summer Reading programs for you, our dearest of dear patrons! Stay tuned for more details about activities, opportunities & ways to connect.

Few things make me happier than a cool, sweet slice of watermelon! And don't get me started on the fun of spittin' those seeds---ptoooie! Let's look at some plants & seeds:

Do you know what happens to the seeds when they hit the dirt?

Once every 5-10 years, the special & super

smelly Corpse Flower blooms! A few years ago, Romero, one of two housed at Pittsburgh's Phipps Conservatory, bloomed. Time Lapse photography is such fun.

Hope you enjoy this story, The Watermelon Seed by Greg Pizzoli, read by our favorite Ms. Suzy! Check out more science & nature with free & always available digital books with the Hoopla App.

Toodleloo, Kangaroos!

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