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Thursday is the best day

Well friends, it's my favorite day of the week: Thursday.

It's the best because much of the hard work has been accomplished but there is still time, still hope to get more of the to-do list completed before the weekend. Thursday is a fun day.

I wanted to share with you a wonderful story-song, adapted from a South African folktale by the one-and-only, Pete Seeger. So since it's Earth Day, it seems appropriate to enjoy the work of a champion of childhood, of nature & humanity.

I hope you enjoy the story of Abiyoyo, read by Pete Seeger himself, is from the classic television show, Reading Rainbow.

Did you recognize the musical instrument in the video? It is a banjo. Maybe you have a musical instrument at home to play. But if you don't, I hope that you can be inspired to make your own! Make a whole orchestra, like these guys at Bash the Trash. So much fun!

Another thing you could do is use the musical instrument that is also your own body: your voice. How amazing is it that we can make so many sounds: high & low, fast & slow, melodic & wild!

Solo, duet or trio; sing & count along with the Pentatonix @ a visit to Sesame Street.

I am always amazed by beatboxing. Finally found a simple method to do it! Beatboxing is much quieter than banging pots & pans. Also surprisingly satisfying...

If you haven't had enough screen time yet, bop on over to Google Chrome Music Lab.

Hope you have time to make the world a bit brighter by adding your unique voice into the air!

Toodleloo, Kangaroos

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