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Who's Next: Dr. Patricia DeMarco

Hi Friends,

It's letter E week & we have a very special guest today.

Dr. Patricia DeMarco (aka Aunt Patty aka Mimi) is an environmental biologist. She is also a policy maker, educator, author, activist, advocate & all-around inspiration.

I asked her for some advice to share with our library friends:

  1. Connect to the living world. "We are all part of the living world, do not be afraid of it. Nature is all around & it enriches our lives. Whether you have a few pots on your window or acres & acres of land, let nature be something you connect with every moment of your life."

  2. Explore your own space. "Discover where your water comes from, find out things that affect the air quality where you live, become aware of your own actions that affect things like plastic consumption."

  3. Appreciate the people around you. "We lived above my Nona Pasquelina until I was 5 years old. She let me help in the garden; I remember pollinating the zucchini flowers, picking the large flowers for omelettes, finding the green vegetables among the leaves. She taught me about the Good bugs like the ants on peony. I loved walking through the brick path through the chamomile in her yard, watching the bees & wasps in the grape arbor, gathering figs & dandelions."

Someday you will be all grown-up & busy with a Career & Responsibilities. But you know what? Everyone gets to be many different things. You could choose to be a doctor for your job but also play the trombone in a band with friends. You could decide to be an entomologist for your job but also sew blankets for a homeless shelter. You might decide to write stories for your grandchildren to read while you live in Alaska while your grandchildren live in Virginia. Would you like to hear one of these stories about Homer the Wonder Dog?

We have one more bit of advice from our special guest this week:

"Children connect to stories through the voice. Don't be afriad to be silly, make noises, do voices. They love it."

Well friends, hope you decide to go outside & find a puddle or patch of grass to explorin'

Toodleloo, Kangaroos

*Follow Patricia DeMarco online: podcast, book &

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